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Regarding the ordering process -


You might have noticed there’s no option lists or custom order forms at Seger Guitars.  To me this seems limiting to what I aim to produce.  Instead I take a conversational approach to a concept and finalize the vision with a build sheet.  This is better for the customer, better for the guitar and better for myself for several reasons.

So if you have interest in a custom guitar - and you should - message me with your concept.  If you don’t have a concept that’s fine.  The biggest factors to get nailed down are:


What finish?

What woods?
How much inlay?
How much binding?
Shaped top or slab body?

From that & from speaking with you, I’ll make a build sheet that has all the details of the guitar, a price and deposit amount 

Prices kick off at $3699 for a base trim model.  Such a guitar will have the exact great tone & amazingly playability as its heavily-optioned counterpart.  Deposits are 20% (minimum $1k), followed by four more 20% payments spread out over the wait/build time, which is about 18 months. 

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you


Independent Guitar Store

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