Indie Guitar Business

Our Indie Guitar Business is Here to Keep You Rocking!

You deserve to have a luthier that keeps you in tune no matter if you are touring the world or teaching at your local music academy.

At Seger Guitars, our luthiers know their way around some of the world’s best guitars. In fact, we make them!

We can work with you to design a custom guitar that meets all of your needs and is crafted with a dedication to the highest standards. We create each of our guitars with the goal of making something both totally original and classic. We’re inspired by the golden age of electric guitar design and you can see that reflected in each instrument we create.

Bangor area musicians know our reputation. We’ve been designing and repairing guitars in our community for years. You can trust us to handle your instrument.

Whether you’re in Maine or anywhere in the nation, we’ve got the skills to keep you rocking.

Handmade Guitars and Guitar Repair in Bangor

Our experienced luthier, Dallas Seger, heads our guitar shop. He uses his years of experience to both create some of the best instruments anyone has ever seen as well as keep high quality guitars in shape.

Don’t let your guitar go into disrepair. We can get your instrument back into like-new condition quickly and affordably.

Our experienced guitar repair experts know how to handle handmade guitars as well as the biggest name brands. Our indie guitar business can help you with quick string changes all the way up to restorations. We want you to get a lifetime of enjoyment out of your favorite instrument. The best way to realize that goal is to keep your guitar repaired.

It’s well known that the best way to appreciate a guitar is to let it age with you as you play. The sound and handling improve not only with age but also with your style.

Get in touch with our independent guitar store today to learn more about keeping your guitar in great shape.

An Independent Guitar Store That Knows Quality

Our indie guitar business knows that the most important thing for any musician is quality. When you’re on stage, or just strumming away for fun, you want to be able to appreciate the music you’re creating.

Playing guitar is both an art and a craft. As a musician, you supply the art with your skills and talents. The handmade guitars we sell provide the craft. With our instruments in your hands, you will be able to unleash your full potential and feel the joy of picking an instrument that was built to the highest standards.

The guitar is all about the experience. Let the expert luthiers at our independent guitar store help you discover the pinnacle of your art.