High Quality Handmade Guitars

High Quality Handmade Guitars For Every Style

At Seger Guitars we make it our top priority to design you an electric guitar that will be able to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Our luthier shop is based in Bangor, but our electric guitars are shipped all over the country. Musicians from all walks of life are getting in touch with us to order their next instrument. Stage musicians, music instructors, and studio musicians all deserve to be playing with guitars of unbeatable quality.

When it comes to our handmade electric guitars, we take every step of the process seriously. Creating a guitar is something that just can’t be truly accomplished on the factory line.

Our luthiers know that the secret to crafting a great guitar is in realizing that each piece of wood has its own unique tone and quality. We put every effort possible into making sure that your bespoke guitar handles like a dream.

From the very first rough cuts all the way down to the final finishing work, we make sure that our high quality handmade guitars are designed for that perfect sound.

These aren’t just instruments that will sound great out of the box, they are instruments that will age like a dream. We design and craft each of our electric guitars in Maine and ship them to you whenever you are located. As the years go by, our electric guitars will be able to bring you endless joy as they age like a fine wine.

If anything ever goes awry, we can also repair and maintain your instrument.

Our team has a dedication to high quality handmade guitars that is getting harder and harder to find these days.

Get in touch with our luthiers today to learn more about how a handmade electric guitar can help you take your tunes to a whole new level.