Bespoke Guitars

Bespoke Guitars Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

Our custom made guitars are like no instrument you’ve ever played before. These electric guitars are perfectly tuned to your needs. When you purchase a guitar from us, you’ll be able to say that you have a one of a kind guitar that is exactly what you’ve always wanted.

It’s not just the design that makes our bespoke guitars totally unique, it’s in how they play. Our luthier, Dallas Seger, takes pride in dialing in the handling of each guitar that we create. This ensures that the guitar you have will be more than just a fancy conversation piece, but a high-end tool in your musical arsenal.

Best of all, you can purchase our custom made guitars online. Our crew is able to work with you completely over the internet. From the very first discussion of ideas for your design to the final tuning, we can communicate with you about your instrument.

The Craft of Custom Made Guitars

When we design custom made guitars, we put a little bit of ourselves into every instrument we make.

Crafting guitars isn’t just a career for us, it’s a passion.

We create guitars with the same energy that you put into each performance. We want to create something powerful that will connect with our audience. The same way you give it all on stage, in the music classroom, or in the studio, we put our heart into each custom guitar we design.

Working with the luthier is the best way to get a guitar that truly speaks to your needs. We can help you have a totally bespoke design as well as a guitar that plays like a dream.

Whether you need a 6-string bass or a classic electric guitar, our luthier is ready to start working for you.

Purchase Your Own Custom Made Guitars Online

At Seger Guitars we know the world is always changing. We design and craft each of our guitars right here in Bangor, but that doesn't mean you have to drive up to New England to get one of the finest bespoke guitars in the country.

We offer custom made guitars online to save you time and money. You can work directly with our luthier and get a guitar that exactly matches your needs and your playing style. We will build that guitar right here in our Maine guitar shop and then ship it right to your location.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.